An Open Letter to Martha Stewart

martha stewart features 360 cookware

Dear Martha (can we call you “Martha?”),

As you bring the American Made Awards program to a close tonight in New York – recognizing the award winners with class and style – we wanted to show our appreciation to you and your staff. It was an honor and a pleasure to be a finalist in the program. Your brands have experienced tremendous international success — it’s admirable that you’d consider showcasing businesses who take pride in their “American made” status.

We are a proud American company. One of our best qualities is the delight and honor that our American craftsmen and women include in every piece of our cookware. It was a pleasure learning about other American companies who feel the same way we do – whose people, processes and products are rooted in great pride and a dedication to rebuild American manufacturing.

Having someone of your stature shine a light on American businesses will benefit all of the brands for years to come. Thank you for putting us all on the radar.

Take care and have a fantastic event!

The 360 Cookware Team

stainless steel cookware made in usa

360 Cookware: The Stainless Steel Cookware That Could

“I think I can …” In the middle of a recession when companies were abandoning domestic manufacturing and moving production overseas, one company felt it was the perfect time to start from scratch. 360 Cookware was born to offer superior stainless steel cookware and a healthier cooking technology to a new demographic using an untested… 

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360 Cookware is a 2014 Martha Stewart American Made Awards Finalist!

We’re Martha Stewart American Made Awards Finalists!

Have you heard the news? Martha Stewart and a panel of esteemed judges recently chose to honor 360 Cookware by nominating us for the 2014 American Made Awards! Each week, Martha and a panel of esteemed judges reviewed the American Made nominations searching for creative, beautiful, useful, and innovative products. Among hundreds of nominees, 360 Cookware stood… 

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Stainless Steel Gourmet Slow Cooker by 360 Cookware

The Stainless Steel Slow Cooker That Changes the Game

Slow cookers have been making life more convenient in kitchens around the world for many years. A few minutes of prep in the morning results in an aromatic welcome home after a busy day. The options are limitless which is one of the many advantages. Slow cooking at reduced heat settings have proven health benefits… 

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360 Chicken Parmesan in 1 pan

Chicken Parmesan

It seems we’ve got healthy & simple meal preparation on the brain! We know cooking healthy can seem overwhelming at times – isn’t that why the freezer aisle full of fast, pre-made meals exists? We like the convenience of frozen meals, but crave the satisfaction of healthy and homemade dinners. Today, we want to share a 360 favorite:… 

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360 Cookware Recipes: Green Beans

Green Beans with Ginger & Soy

Green beans are the perfect side dish for weeknight dinners – just about any time of year. This recipe from the 360 Kitchen combines a classic veggie with an extra kick! The tiniest drizzle of nutty sesame oil is all it takes to transform these beans into something really special. Just make sure you are using toasted… 

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Adventures in Stovetop Baking – An Energy Efficient Feature of 360 Cookware

Summer is in full swing! Which means busier than normal kitchens and, let’s face it, higher energy bills. There are articles everywhere about how to keep your home energy costs lower this season. Sure, you can wait to run your dryer until late in the evening when the summer heat has subsided. But what about… 

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fathers who cook 360

Honoring Fathers Who Cook

Father. Pops. Dear Ol’ Dad. Is there anyone on the planet who has received less respect? Don’t get me wrong, many of us do our best to show love for Dad but most of the time we fall a little short. He’s often the subject of our jokes and we don’t always take him seriously,… 

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Perfect, Crispy Hash Brown Potatoes Using 360 Cookware

Crispy Hash Brown Potatoes

The only thing better than comfort food to start your morning is quick and easy (and healthy!) comfort food… any time of day. This Crispy Hash Brown Potato recipe is fast, filling, and oh-so-delicious! With the 360 Cutter, making fresh hash browns is super easy & accessible, anytime. I am nothing short of a from… 

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